Prof. Viresh Dutta did his Ph. D. from I.I.T. Delhi in 1978. He joined CES faculty in 1980 and became a Professor in 2002. His research interest are in the areas of Thin Film Science and Technology, Solar Photovoltaics, Semiconductor nanoparticles and Embedded systems. He has expertise in different thin film deposition processes and characterization techniques. He had established microcomputer controlled experiments in Thin Film Laboratory, Deptt. of Physics, IIT Delhi and he continues his active collaboration with the Laboratory Capacitance based techniques for evaluation of Amorphous Si solar cells has also been established in TFL. He has worked extensively on Cadmium Telluride based thin film solar cells. He has established a Spray deposition facility for deposition of Semiconductor thin films. The facility has been used to develop the CdTe solar cell technology. Several novel ideas have been incorporated in the spray deposition technique in order to achieve improvements in the film properties. Prof. Dutta has worked on tracking photovoltaic systems and studied the advantages of such systems. A microcontroller based two axis tracking controller was designed and fabricated by him. He is also involved in the performance evaluation of large PV systems in IIT and other parts in the country. He has designed a hand-held I-V plotter which is particularly useful for field applications. He and his collaborators in Photovoltaic Laboratory in CES have worked on Solar PV Lighting systems and established the characterization technique for such systems. This technique is the standard method for evaluating the PV lighting systems made by different manufacturer in the country. Work on PV inverters and Maximum Power Point Tracker is currently under progress. His current research interests are in the area of use of Nanocrystalline materials for Photo-electrochemical Solar Cells and Organic Solar Cells and Photovoltaic Instrumentation.

Room No. 235, Block-5
Head Office
Department of Energy Science and Engineering
IIT Campus, Hauz Khas, New Delhi,110016