Mrs. R Uma won her National Science Talent Award soon after Higher Secondary School days. She has been a product of St. Stephen’s college, Delhi with postgraduate specialization in Plasma Physics and Astrophysics. In 1981, she joined I.I.T, New Delhi for research and obtaining her doctorate in Plasma Science, one of a few women to work in that field then. She worked under Padma Shree Prof. M.S. Sodha and was guided by (late) Associate Professor Dr. Subbarao. Apart from having academic contacts with premier research centres at home like Bombay, Bangalore, Kharagpur and Jaipur, Mrs.R.Uma had been abroad at U.K. after winning a Royal Commission Postdoctoral Scholarship to work from 1986 to 1988 under Prof. Ian Percival at Queen Mary College, London. She had written a number of papers during her work for doctorate in I.I.T, Delhi, and attended conferences including one at Trieste in Italy.

Her broad subject-area of research interest has been Nonlinear Phenomena in Plasma Physics and Optics particularly the area of Laser-Plasma and other nonlinear e.m. wave interactions with Plasmas and Nonlinear Dynamical aspects of magnetic confinement. She has worked on CSIR project on ‘Group Theoretical Methods for Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations in Physics with special emphasis on Nonlinear Optics of plasmas’ and as a project scientist on DST Women Scientist’s Scheme on ‘Degenerate 4-wave mixing and applications in plasmas’. Besides she has also been coguiding M.Tech projects in the areas of energy related to electric power systems and also PhD theses in plasmas. She has published papers on Computer Simulation of Gyrophase Synchronization in a magnetoplasma featuring synchronization and coherence; also on stop pass band structures and self Bragg Reflection of intense pulses as well as nonlinear reflection of high frequency radiowave by ionospheric grating created by another wave and given GUI based Computer Simulation( using MATLAB) of self similar modes of paraxial selfocusing laser beam for saturating plasma nonlinearities. Her publications include 13 papers in journals, one chapter in book, 9 extended papers in conference proceedings/presentations and 33 as short conference records.

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