After receiving his Ph.D.in 1975 from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, Prof.R.P. Sharma joined the Centre for Energy Studies in 1977.He worked as a lecturer, assistant professor, associate professor ,professor and higher academic grade professor (HAG Prof) in Centre for energy Studies. He was Head, CES from Sep 2010 to June 2014. Prof. Sharma has taught undergraduate as well as postgraduate courses.Besides teaching and research at IIT Delhi, Prof. Sharma has served in many other academic activities like: Reviewer of Research Proposals of National Science Foundation (NSF), USA, Member of Obama-Singh Initiative Joint Working Group (JWG) of UGC, Associate Editor of Journal of Plasma Physics (2007 to 2010; Cambridge university press, U.K.), Referee of various prestigious journals including Physics of Plasmas, JGR and JGR Letters, Laser and Particle Beams, Optics communications, Journal of Plasma Physics, Physics Letters etc.Prof. Sharma's guidance has lead to the successful completion of 41 Ph.D. theses. He has also guided a number of M.Tech students and has published over 308 research papers in the journals of international repute.<br> He was awarded Alexander von Humboldt fellowship, NASA senior fellowship at Godard Space Flight Centre (GSFC), NASA, Max Planck fellowship and European Commission fellowship. Besides these, he was also visiting professor at the University of Alberta, Edmonton and University of Waterloo (Canada), University of Bradford (U.K.) and short term visitor at various reputed research groups. Prof. Sharma has also been an invited speaker in various international conferences and workshops in India and abroad.<br> Prof. Sharma has specialization in several areas like laser plasma interaction and its applications like laser fusion, generation of THz radiations andmicro-machiningthe crystalline lens. He is also working on magnetic turbulence in plasmas which has applications in tokamak fusion and space research. Prof. Sharma has completed several projects (Around 1.7 Crore rupees). He is also having collaborations with leading groupsworldwide like University of Waterloo, West Virginia university, Max Planck Institute for Solar system research, Germany, Godard Space Flight Centre (GSFC), NASA, Institute for Plasma Research IPR and TIFR (for simulations in laser induced fusion and laboratory Astrophysics). 

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