Avinash Chandra (Retired) received M.Sc., M.Phil and Ph.D. degrees from AMU, Aligarh and joined the Physics Department at IIT Delhi. Since then he has set up experiments related with seeded combustion flames, electrode and wall plasma interactions and has made extensive studies in these areas. With the establishment of Centre for Energy Studies at IIT Delhi, he joined the Centre as Lecturer and worked on the design of channels of MHD power plants. Subsequently he rose to be a Chief Scientific Officer. Earlier, he was with School of Electrical Engineering at Sydney University, Australia as a Post-doctoral Fellow during 1980-81. He has been coordinating interdisciplinary M.Tech. programme in Energy Studies since September 1997. His activities focus on air pollution methods for power and other industries specially in electrostatic precipitator. He has guided over 20 students for their M.Tech. and Ph.D. dissertations and published 75 research papers in various journals of repute. Dr. Chandra has provided consultancy services to BHEL at Tiruchirapalli for Channel design to a MHD retrofit power plant. His present interest lies in air pollution control for power and other industries, particularly, in Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP). He has recently completed a consultancy project for Badarpur Thermal Power Station, Delhi for performance evaluation and upgradation of ESP unit

Room No. 235, Block-5
Head Office
Department of Energy Science and Engineering
IIT Campus, Hauz Khas, New Delhi,110016