Solvation of Sodium-ion plays a critical role in ensuring long-term cycling stability of the Sodium-Metal Batteries

Sodium metal anode battery technologies have revolutionized energy storage research. In recent years, new insights have been gained regarding the solid electrolyte interphase (SEI) on sodium metal anode; however, several questions remain to be answered, in particular, the impact of electrolyte structure on the composition and physicochemical stability of the SEI. In addition, the impact of ion-solvation chemistry on the crystallinity of the SEI warrants a more detailed understanding. This review discusses the crucial aspects of sodium-ion solvation chemistry and its impact on the stability of the SEI. The core principles guiding the design of electrolytes through additives, ion-solvent interaction, and ion-pair formation are highlighted. Future research directions necessary to design a stable sodium metal anode are also discussed.

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