Energy Storage

Faculty Members: Prof. Dibakar Rakshit, Prof. Vipin Kumar

The Electrochemical Energy storage group in the DESE studies the solvation dynamics and stability of metal anodes in a so-called engineered electrolyte system for high energy rechargeable batteries. With carefully designed strategies for rationally configured electrolytes, the solid electrolyte interphase is engineered to stabilizing reactive metals, such as Na, Al, and Mg. This groups also focuses on studying the high energy post-Li ion battery systems based on protected and stabilized metallic anodes, structured electrolyte, and next-generation cathodes including elemental sulfur cathode. Besides the high energy batteries, special emphasis is given to understand high energy supercapacitor electrode materials. Some of the main activities include, design, fabrication and testing of high Energy rechargeable batteries, for instance, Sodium-Sulfur Batteries, Magnesium-Sulfur and Aluminum-Sulfur batteries.